Over 30 Years Experience


I have been an avid miniaturist for over 30 years.  My specialty is 17th Century Floral Master Works, Ikebana-inspired floral arrangements, as well as small classic arrangements, and floral vignettes.

I strive to create anatomically-correct flowers and foliage in designs suitable to the specific types of blossoms I am using in my arrangements.  I have done various shows throughout the world, as well as offering classes in Floral Construction and Arranging, and have taught in the United States, as well as overseas.

I am extremely proud that I have been an IGMA Guild Fellow since  1989; I have also been appointed to the NAME Academy of Honor, and have been an instructor in the IGMA Guild School, held each summer in Castine, Maine, for 20 years.

I hope to continue to create the best possible flowers and foliage and arrange them as artistically and authentically as I can for the benefit of those who appreciate my work.